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Welcome to Home page of SealTech sincerely.
I am very glad to meet you through Internet and to get an opportunity to introduce Sealtech Co., Ltd.

Sealtech was founded in the New Technology Incubating center of Hoseo University in Jun, 1997 and has been developing Optical RX. TX module, Semiconductor Sensor package and Hermetic Sealing product and makes every effort in constant research development and item production. Also we are manufacturing products which are custom-made for the demand of clients except for standard components. Also we try to do our best to meet the needs of clients from component design. What's more, we are attempting to positively advance in the area of optical transmission system as well as assembly of semiconductor package component.

Our vision is to aim at the promotion of life quality and to improve safety and convenience for human life through rearing superior company which is leading technology in the area of package.

I would like you to enjoy the time during your visit to our home page which is creating the new future in 21st century.

Thank you.